We’re Going On A Bear Hunt….

About 1.5 miles away from our Little Comfort Farm is the town of West Down.  It’s a little bit like that town in the movie Hot Fuzz.  From the farm you can walk up through some fields and up a path to get to the town….


So we strapped on Robin and headed over the bridge and up the hill.


I did the first leg up the first hill and had to hand him over to his dad


There are plenty of friendly animals along the way… like Black Beauty.


Go Black Beauty, Go!



and the Ram from the Ram ads.


We made it the whole way, up and down some big hills, to the village of West Down and thought we’d have a swift pint or two before heading back….

… but it was closed.


Here is Saskia NOT holding her pint!

So, instead we popped into the dead centre of town to look at the old gravestones


and inside the church where we nearly those people for whom the bell tolls!


Then it was back down the stinging nettle filled lane way


We got back to our house a little hot and sweaty, so I went straight down to the stream and popped my feet into the freezing water.


Robin also wanted to try his feet in the water


but it was so cold that we were able to chill our beers in there quicker than putting them in the freezer…. thanks Bear Grylls – I’m sure I saw this on an episode of his show.


Cups of tea in the sun were enjoyed whilst we waited for the beers to be chilled.


Which took longer than we wanted, so Nick checked the temperature again…


and then recovered with a warm cup of tea in the sun…


Then finally, the beers were cool enough to drink.  They weren’t bitterly, but they had to do.


Cheers!  I’m smiling, but I can’t feel my feet from the knee down!


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