Croyde Beach

There were more of these hedge edged windy roads today as we made our way to the lovely little village of Croyde.


Where we tasted some of the finest pasties this side of Cornwall.


Then we hit the beach.  It was a slightly better day than our last beach jaunt – weather-wise, with slightly clearer water.  It was fairly low tide when we got there, but it was decided that we should set up camp back on the dry sand.


and lucky we did, because within about an hour this is where the water was up to – these two photos are taken from the exact same spot.


Tans and Nick had a proper up to their neck swim – it was too cold for me and Saskia, Robin ate his weight in sand and I found a cool pair of aviator sunglasses on the beach, that I promptly gave to Nick (the receiver of stolen found goods) because they looked ridiculous on me.

It was time to say our goodbyes to Croyde Beach, but we all swore we’d be back once we bought our holiday homes over there on the northern hill.


Isn’t that always the way….. the person wearing the hat has the most sun damaged skin!


This is the second option for a house if the ones on the northern hill are unavailable.


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