I Went To Visit A Farm One Day…

The Little Comfort Farm was absolutely gorgeous!  Every day Farmer Roger meets the guests up at the play room where you can borrow some wellies, and he shows the kids and the well behaved grown ups how he looks after the animals on the farm.

The day was glorious – so good start.


This is Summer, the horse – or course!  She had a broken shoe so had to stay in her stable which she was not too fussed about.


Roger would give the kids bottles of milk to feed the lambs


and let the geese out of there house


Feed Jasmine and her kid, Daisy.

“I’d like my breakfast in this bucket thanks Roger.”


Move the chicken house and feed them


Make sure your wellies don’t have holes in them!


Then we had a cool tractor ride up to the top field to collect the eggs from the chooks and give them some food.


Local businesses all around Devon buy their organic eggs.


Tanya really wanted to pick up and hold a chicken…. but it seemed whenever she went near them – they scattered as if they were repelled like the negative force of a magnet


But then Farmer Roger put down a bag of grain and they were momentarily distracted…


and easy for the picking up


So Tanya wooed one or two of them – getting them to trust her


Then Farmer Roger swooped in and picked one up for her.


and gave a detailed lesson on how to hold a chicken.


This chicken was all like – “what are you lookin’ at?”


Next stop was the next field – the cows.  At first they were all laying down at the bottom of the field.


Roger walked us half way down towards them and told us to stop and stand still as they are easily spooked.


Slowly they got closer and closer.  Roger had told us that you should never run, but instead hold your ground or take a step towards them as they are more scared of you.  The bull came walking up from behind the herd to see what was going on and for a split second the whole group nearly turned and legged it through the cowpats and over the fence, but Roger took one step towards him – with no fear, and the bull sought refuge with the nearest cow.


As Roger was talking, the cows slowly moved past us and up towards the gate.  It was only then that Roger realised that he hadn’t locked the gate properly, so we had to get back to the gate before they pushed their way through without spooking them.


They weren’t happy Jan!


Back down to the farm on the tractor and that’s another farming day done and dusted!

I think I’d like a hobby farm now.

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