Under the Boardwalk

It was Saskia’s last day with us in Devon before she had to get back to life as she knows it in London, so our day consisted of Fish and Chips – Devon style – HUGE! and then a walk along the Braunton Boardwalk.

We were given some great instructions from Jackie at the farm – great if you’re a local and know where you’re going…. but we found it eventually, but were immediately faced with this sign.

We all put our clothes back on and set off.


It could do with a little bit of maintenance, but still very pretty.


It lead down to the far end of Saunton Beach where we wandered aimlessly collecting shells and rocks until we realised what the time was.  Saskia’s train was leaving in the next town in 40 minutes – so around we turned and paced ourselves over rocks and sand dunes.  I nearly lost a thong (flip flop) in some mudflats on the way back to the car.

We got her to the station with minutes to spare – no problem!


Farewell lovely Saskia or Kia, as Robin called her.  I still can’t quite get him to say ‘Shell’ – but he will!

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