M5 Carpark

Today we travelled 226 miles.  That’s 363.71kms.

Normally, it should have taken us 4 hours and 12 minutes on the M5 and M4 motorways from door to door.

Today it took us 8 hours.


People didn’t actually get out of their cars like this pic, but we were at a stand still more times than anyone should be on a motorway!

We made a logistic error not taking into account that school goes back on Monday, so people would have been finishing their holidays and getting back in time to prepare on the last weekend.


We were trying our hardest to get back in time for me to unpack, repack and get to the train (an hour away) as today is the day that I start my next leg of the tour – back to France with some buddies from Geraldton.


Jason and Deb

We pulled up at Tanya & Nick’s house at 5.50pm.  I raced in with my suitcase, unpacked like a boss, repacked and was downstairs again by 6.06pm – well and truly in time to catch my 6.16pm train to get to St Pancras for the 8.01pm Eurostar train 30 minutes prior to departure.


I feel I need to thank my co-drivers today for their hustle and motivation.  Tanya can change an incredibly soiled nappy in the back seat at a petrol station in 6 minutes flat!


 Beat that pit stop mechanics!

Tans, Nick and Robin, I literally couldn’t have done it without you.


And a few hours later…….

I’m in Paris!


Let the next adventure begin!

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