The Final Leg

What a fabulously wonderful whirlwind of a trip!

We’ve eaten just enough gyros and schnitzel to last us until the next time.
We’ve (window) shopped our heads off – with the odd purchase.
We’ve travelled by plane, by ferry, by train and the U-Bahn.
We swam in the Aegean Sea and followed the footprint of the Berlin Wall.
I brushed up on my 4-5 words of Greek whilst Chris sprang straight back into her almost fluent German.

There are no major flights out of Berlin, so on our last day we awoke from our caravan slumber and headed for the train station – to Hamburg

We wondered if maybe Spandau, which is just out of Berlin, was famous for their ballet?

It was quite a seemless journey all the way to the Hamburg airport and onto the plane where we toasted our fabulous trip.

FullSizeRender 2
Seeya Germany….

with your black forests and blue skies…..

Hello Dubai….. at 12.45am….. and 38 degrees!

Lucky, we only felt it for a brief moment until we were whisked away by air-conditioned bus to our connecting gate, where we only waited an hour or so before getting on our final leg, and going straight to sleep.  I don’t know how we slept as it was the bumpiest, most turbulent flight I think I’ve ever been on, but we were so tired – we managed to sleep through.

So a big thank you needs to go to my lovely cousin for “inviting” me on this trip, for doing the essential research, for being so easy to travel with and for reigniting a long lost joy for seeing Australian bands live.


As we fade into this fabulous Santorinian sunset, I’ll say :
Kalispera, Gute Nacht and Good Night.


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